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From Corporate Events to 

Enterprise VR Apps, we can help transform your message into a memorable experience.


Affordable Quick Turn Renderings for

Event Proposals and Client Approvals

Whether you just have a vague idea, napkin sketch, or a fully realized CAD drawing, our Experience Designers can turn your concept into a photorealistic and dimension accurate rendering in as little as 3 business days.

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How a design fits within a venue physically and visually is key for successful Events and Live Experiences.  That’s why every HGroup design starts with modeling the venue, ensuring your vision will match reality.

Virtual and Augmented Realities are about presence and full immersion in the moment.  When our Live Experience Design concepts are applied to the virtual experience, the level of engagement these technologies offer increases exponentially.  From Enterprise Solutions to Design Concept virtual tours, our team helps transform any reality into an experience.


With the advancements in modern real-time game engines, high quality 4k animations can be captured in minutes instead of days or weeks.  This quick turn allows for maximum creativity and possibilities at a fraction of the cost!  Add an animation to any project to truly WOW your clients!  

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